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Wilma Davidson, Ed.D.


Sarasota, FL.

I’ve been coaching clients in corporate classrooms for over three decades—in groups and
one-on-one. And as president of a communications consulting firm, I’ve worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, educational groups, government agencies, and professional organizations to help them overcome their stage and page fright. Additionally, I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate courses and am on the faculty of the University of South Florida, where I teach in the Professional and Technical Communication program, a program I co-founded.

When others can’t find the right words, they use mine. I ghostwrite and edit corporate speeches and presentations.

My work has been featured in prominent publications including The New York Times, Fortune and Business Week. Besides many published articles, I have authored several books on the art of communicating well, the latest of which was also translated into Mandarin.

I received my doctorate from Rutgers University where my mentor dubbed me one of the first scholars to examine the kinds of writing done in business. And I am still learning. I’m in awe of the art created by the Acquired Savant founders of this Collective and wish to help them tell their personal stories and show their work to the world; and to encourage more research into the phenomenon of their giftedness.

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