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Read about Diana de Avila in the book Soldier, Sister, Savant is the inspirational and unique story of Diana de Avila and her journey to artistic genius as an acquired art savant. Her creative fractal art emerged after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and an exacerbation of multiple sclerosis. Acquired savants are a rarity; female acquired savants even rarer.

The story of Diana de Avila and her acquired savant syndrome, a little-heard-of and understudied phenomenon, is an honest and compelling one in which she details her struggles and sudden gifts. This hybrid memoir introduces readers to the digital art savant, not born with such talent but who arrives at it, literally, by accident. In this beautifully bound book, the authors share significant events in de Avila's life prior to the advent of her "accidental genius," as well as many examples of her art. Readers will discover the enormous role that faith, family, resilience, and resolve play in de Avila's overcoming life-threatening odds in order to prolifically produce over one thousand pieces of extraordinary digital art. 
In October 2021, this book was awarded first place by the state of Florida's National League of American Pen Women Association in the memoir, personal essays and inspiration categories.  Visit

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SRQ Magazine - November 2021
Visions & Virtuosity

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