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David James

Valencia, Spain

The Humble Painter

I was born in Ireland in the 70’s and grew up in Malaysia, The United States, England and Scotland.   Before my accident, I honestly didn’t have an artistic bone in my body.


My journey as an artist began with a bang; when I sustained a head injury from an impact causing damage to the left side of my brain. 


After my concussion, I started seeing the color purple and vivid, morphing geometric shapes flooded my mind. Visually, my brain was on overdrive. 


During recovery, my speech therapist recommended art therapy but, when I began, I noticed something different: I suddenly knew how to draw.   


At first my art was what I called “exacting”, being very accurate with my work almost as if looking at a photo.  Then my work began to blur and bend that reality, creating something only I could see.  When I finally let go, painting was like conducting a symphony of colours, textures and perspective.


I create my art from what I feel and see on the inside. It’s a mixture of exact and abstract forms, merging into a living, colourful journey. I create using the mediums of acrylic, water and graphite and I am particularly drawn to the desert and the mountains.  They emerge in almost every painting I create.


I believe the accident resulted in the loss of my ego.  I am now able to appreciate every artist for their own creativity and style.  It’s a rare gift I have been given and one I cherish from my being, with humility and honesty. 


This journey has brought me to the quiet mountains of Spain, where I now live surrounded by inspiration and love. I’m supported by my incredible wife and children, encircled by friends and family who mean the world to me. 


Traumatic Brain Injury is a “silent disease” and goes so often un-noticed.  TBI forced me to leave my work but a dream of supporting my family by painting is now on the horizon.  Through my art, I try to spread the word about TBI by donating or selling my work to organisations with the same mission in mind. I invite you to explore my work and for a moment experience the world the way I see it.


If you would like to contact me about an original piece or NFT, please reach out.   

Samples of David's Artwork

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