We savant artists in this Collective wouldn’t understand ourselves, our gift, and our rareness if it weren’t for the legacy and life of Dr. Treffert. His interest in and study of savantism, congenital (autistic) and acquired, led him to his being recognized as the grandfather of this area of study—and I, as the co-founder of the Collective, had the honor of communicating directly with him since the sudden arrival of my gift of art in 2017.


He was brilliant, giving, and gracious. Not merely to me, but to everyone. In fact, it was at his suggestion that the Collective was created. He hoped it would become a space where acquired savant artists could gather virtually, share our art, and where we could also share camaraderie and comfort. Where we could also educate the world about our savantism—and welcome researchers and others to learn more about us. This Collective is also part of Dr. Treffert’s legacy—and  we offer ourselves as living testimony to his life of study and to further honor his work and character.


Diana de Avila

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Diana shares a bit about her artistic gift and and her service as a US Army Disabled Veteran.


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